I am not even lying when I say that: I have the CRAAAAZIEST mind EVEEER!

So my friend Emma slept over at my house. I wake up at 8 am and she is staring directly at me, already dressed and ready to leave, her hair in place and her bag over her shoulder.

“I’m leaving.” she announces, a blank expression that confuses me. Then she heads towards the door and I run after her, bewildered.

“Why are you leaving now? Emma? Emma?” But she has already left and I can no longer see her out the window. Odd.

“Cecilie? What is that? Please clean up that mess,” yells my mother, pointing to the slushy footprints of snow that Emma left behind.

So I clean it up.

Walking back into my room, I notice that one of the tiles on my floor is gone, making our ‘apparent’ basement appear underneath my room. We never had a basement: odd.

I call my dad, as we just got these tiles put on my floor, so they shouldn’t just be able to break like that.

He rushes to my room, takes one look at the sudden hole, and starts yelling, “Damn those bricklayers and builders, they can never seem to do anything right!” He pulls out his laptop and starts writing an email of complaint to the building company, with an odd amount those ‘devil’ smilies from the old msn messenge. ODD!

When he is done, he says we need to go downstairs and see what this whole basement thing is about, because he does not remember us ever having a basement either.

So we jump through that odd hole and find ourselves standing next to a hot-tub of four indians. The hot tub is built of snow.  SO ODD!? Their expressions read ‘Uh-ooh, we’re busted’ and after their exchange of worried glances one of them exclaims (in a worried Indian accent):

“So sorry Mister, so sorry! Please do not spill the secret of this basement and the hot tub to anyone! You can be in on it Mister! But please don’t tell anyone!”

And then I ACTUALLY wake up with Emma next to me. She is staring directly at me – not ready to leave though, but next to me still lying in my bed.

“OMG Emma. I just had the oddest dream. EVER.”

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